Vaccine Research Unit

Newtown Clinical Research has participated in various vaccine studies, most notably for Influenza and  Covid-19. We have a large experienced and dedicated team, comprising of multiple investigators, data capturers, study coordinators and quality assurance officers. We have unblinded pharmacists and nurses for medication preparation and administration.

We have vaccine specific ultra low temperature (-80) refrigeration units at the site, with continuous temperature monitoring. We have a separate unblinded pharmacists room, with their own printers installed.


All members of the study team have been trained to work with large volumes of patients in vaccine studies within short recruitment periods. Our healthy population database is large enough for us to pre-identify suitable candidates for each protocol. Our pool of patients is the largest in Johannesburg – approximately 5 000 000 – with adequate time and resource, we can accommodate for hundreds of patients to be screened and enrolled on healthy volunteer studies.

Our staff and patients are comfortable with the use of electronic diaries. Through experience, we are able to identify possible pitfalls and pro-actively manage them with the patients, and i so doing, we ensure that the maximum amount of data can be used by the sponsor.